Did Lil Boat Drop Album of the Year?

Feb 06, 2023 by R.C. Nechamkin, in Music Review

      Do you remember that one summer fling? Maybe it was in high school, right out of high school, or even last summer. The one where you both kinda knew going into it that you weren't right for each other or that it would never last? Towards the end of the fling, after you'd reconciled the fleeting nature of the relationship, was there that one last afternoon adventure that may not have been a great date, but was still a good day?
      Lil Yachty’s “Running Out of Time” is the last sunny afternoon adventure of a summer fling--fun but somber.
      Debatably the most radio accessible joint from his recent experimental (for him) psych-rock album, the song has been stuck in my head since my first listen. The opening thirty seconds of instrumentals sets the vibe coming off of a smooth transition of the previous track on the album. We get an establishment of the slappy bass tones, the psychedelic wiggly synths, unwaveringly head-bobbing beat, and a sample of the melody.
      The vocal delivery on this track--and album as a whole--humors me. In a good way. It’s classic Lil Boat autotune, and to some, I understand this is jarring against the instrumentals. I love it though. That “Watch it, girl” right out of the gate here is too great, sounding like he should be the frontman for a 60’s funk band with a Lil Boat signature vocal effect. The harmonies he hits with the “background” vocalist doing the heavy lifting in the chorus is just so pretty to me. Especially when Lil Yachty hits the falsetto “stay up with me.”
      I really can’t stop listening to this song or this album. It’s easily one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums dropped last month. If you’re not familiar with Lil Yachty--or (especially) if you are familiar with Lil Yachty--give this album a listen with an open-mind. It’s surely not a conventional project, but man, it is a good one.