Flash Fiction Friday #2 (Archive)

Feb 17, 2023 by R.C. Nechamkin, in Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Friday: Stories in 1,000 Words or Fewer

The Angel Emergence

by R.C. Nechamkin, 08.24.22

      When the angels first revealed themselves, people gauged their eyes out. 
      Celestial spirits beyond comprehension ascended upwards from the homes of their neighbors’ while anybody standing outside reacted in horrific panic. 
      Human eyes weren’t designed to conceptualize the form the spirits took just as the human spirit wasn’t ready for the revelation of the angels and their declaration that death is ceasing. 
      Then when the angels didn’t bring any souls back from the great beyond, many wondered what happened to the dead.
      Now the other morbidly curious and I approach the bottom of the ocean, beyond the hypothesized end of the angels’ omniscience, I intended to find out what happened to my son and die trying.

Android Mediator

by R.C. Nechamkin, 08.25.22

      The Android Mediator acts as a translator and of course mediator in today’s summit meeting regarding the rising tensions between the two subnations of the United States of America.
      After decades of geographical segregation based on ideologies, the two halves have never been further apart, and now they debate the merits of staying a single nation. 
      The first individual speaks in spanish–the predominant language of his subnation–and mentions the economic benefits of remaining a unified country.
      The second individual, in russian, surprisingly speaks about the social value in having different-minded neighbors.
      However as the Android Mediator translates the opening statements, the individual who spoke in russian grows belligerently violent, murdering the individual who spoke spanish with his bare hands. Once he’s done beating his opposition to death, he immediately phones his superior back at home to start sending missiles across the border at once.
      The Android Mediator is then left alone in the room, feeling something resembling accomplishment, knowing it’s one step closer to instigating humanity’s self-destruction.