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OCT Metldown Polsix System

OCT Meltdown

<span>OCT Meltdown:</span> Book Cover<span>OCT Meltdown:</span> OCT Meltdown<span>OCT Meltdown:</span> Oil Cosmotransport designed by CaaSi<span>OCT Meltdown YouTube Background:</span> For Magnetar's Audio Presentation
OCT MeltdownOCT MeltdownOCT MeltdownOCT Meltdown YouTube Background
Tales from the Polsix System
Published by Dogteeth Studio
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During a routine oil delivery to the capital planet, a massive starship manned by a skeleton crew mysteriously breaks down. Now the youngest, least experienced crew member, his captain, and his conspiracist of a crewmate seek survival and answers while trying to avoid the looming threats on the ship.
OCT Meltdown is the first story in the anthological series, Tales from the Polsix System.

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19 pages | October 30, 2022
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