Flash Fiction Friday #1 (Archive)

Feb 10, 2023 by R.C. Nechamkin, in Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Friday: Stories in 1,000 Words or Fewer.


By R.C. Nechamkin, 08.21.22

      Due to the unique properties in the breathable atmosphere of Kelcion-VII, sound traveled at a fraction of the speed the Colonizers knew back on Earth.
      After thirty standard minutes of exploring their potential new home for any dangerous fauna, half of the Colonizers found their answer. By the time they heard the screams for help from their other colleagues, it was far too late.
      The surviving Colonizer group upon discovering their dismembered crewmates, broke the sound barrier in efforts to return to their Starcarrack. The frontrunners heard another sonic boom and knew instantly the predator returned. 
      Only three Colonizers made it to the vessel safely. They latched the doors as the cries from their friends caught up to them.
      Maybe the next planet, they hoped.


By R.C. Nechamkin, 08..22.22

      When human civilization first fled Earth, the leaders told the masses that suspended animation was deemed unsafe for humans. 
      Due to an expedited trial process, they didn’t realize they weren’t lying.
      My important family and I boarded our Ark and entered the secret Stasis chamber for the elite while my parents reassured me I would feel no pain. They said I’d wake up on a new planet–a proper untouched paradise lightyears away.
      What they failed to mention – presumably because they must not have known – was that while our bodies remained suspended, our minds experienced the half a million year journey in real time.

The U.N.S.A

By R.C. Nechamkin, 08.23.22

      The United Nations’ Space Agency triumphantly unveiled their one-of-a-kind discovery: actual evidence of a thriving civilization on another planet millions of lightyears away.
       Initially they attempted contact via intricate hyperluminal radio waves. When met with no response, the U.N.S.A. declared a new top priority: sending astronauts to study the newly found planet and its citizens.
      The bravest group of people from every nation assembled to take a trip farther than they once imagined possible in a single lifetime.
       When the astronauts arrived at the planet, they found only disappointment. A once thriving alien civilization laid devastated. In the wreckage they found a radio softly playing a robotic voice on a loop, repeating the same phrase in various languages.
    Silentium, planeta. Deus auscultat.
    Ticho, planéta. Boh počúva.
    Silence, planet. The void is listening.