Flume's Throwaway Collection is Better Than Most Artists' Albums

Feb 13, 2023 by R.C. Nechamkin, in Music Review

    What can be said about Flume’s music that hasn’t already been said? The man’s a genius with an incredible sound that caused edm trap artists to ditch imitating RL Grime (for a little while).
    With this new collection of throwaways, I’m reminded again why I love him. The appropriately named “Dream 1.2.2 [2016 Export Wav],” took me to a different dimension, a dream. (sidenote: love how he named all of these tracks. It really drives home the fact that these were just chilling on his hard drive.)
    The ping-ponging tones support a moaning-like voice that sounds more like a desperate plea. Along with those dreamy, ethereal synths that lead into a swelling finale, I don’t how anybody can hear this song and not take a moment to reflect on it. Although I admit not everybody will find it as moving as I do, I personally can’t stop listening to it. It’s experimentally meditative, and I can’t get enough of it.